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We will be on strike on April 26th

Dear patients,

despite the considerable and increasing burdens on GPs, especially during the pandemic, the fee for the last 3 years is to be increased by only 1% in total (my staff have been receiving 10% more since January). With rising costs and inflation, this means a significant loss in total.

Given the amount of unpaid overtime in the pandemic (I could take 8 months off), this is a bitter pill that we GPs are not prepared to swallow.

Therefore, our practice will only be open for emergencies on the day of the strike. All services that can be postponed will be cancelled (e.g. regular appointments, prescription collections or orders etc.).

If you would like to support us, you can sign up to the petition list in the surgery or sign an online petition.
It is about maintaining the quality of your care in the future.

Dr. H. Lahdo

Current topics

Corona vaccination

The next booster will be due in autumn 2023. According to STIKO recommendations, the following individuals are invited to receive the booster:

- All individuals above 60 years of age.
- Medical staff in nursing homes, hospitals and practices.
- All individuals with a weakened immune system above 6 years of age.

- From April 7th, 2021 until March 23rd, 2023 we have administered 3123 COVID-19 vaccinations.

Further info is available on our "Corona" page. Furthermore you can find reliable information on the CDC homepage.

Vaccination against monkeypox:

Epidemiologists of the WHO expect further infection waves. Therefore, a vaccination for vulnerable groups is still recommended. Vaccinations will be performed by the Gesundheitsamt (department of health) in Wiesbaden. Only patients of our practice are eligible to ask us for arranging the vaccination.

Individuals who have already had a vaccination against smallpox (not chicken pox) currently still do not need a vaccination against monkeypox.

Wiesbaden, May 28th, 2023


In 2023 the practice will remain closed on these dates:


The following practices will be standing in for us:

  • Dr. K. Zinkel and B. Kinkel, Gutenbergplatz 1, Wiesbaden, Tel. 0611 / 23 86 29 00, homepage link
  • Dr. C. von Rohden, Bahnhofstr. 59, Wiesbaden, Tel. 0611 / 37 47 65, homepage link

Your practice team
Wiesbaden, May 14th, 2023